Consider life as living for the journey, not the destination

A Pre-Grand Opening

"Escape. Escape. Gotta Get Away!" That was part of a song from the '80's R&B team "Whodini". I use that song's lyrics today to demonstrate why I'm creating this website after 19 years of pursuing a few key career goals and take a sabbatical. During those pursuits, some increasingly popular social media experiments have distracted me from what I learned in my academic pursuits, and what I sense I am struggling to comprehend still this day. Ergo, I'm going BACK to the 20th Century.

Work and Play is a website I launched many years ago but was busy pursuing my dreams of teaching Geography to the young masses who were seeking help in learning their own dreams in life. As a side show effort, I went to my regular job Monday through Friday. Instead of pursuing ways to stay informed and in "touch" with people I know, want to know, or wonder why I have their contact but never hear from them, I decided to take a step back. My plan is to just put stuff out on the line (aka "online") and use it as a way to demonstrate a thirdway of interpersonal communication (texting and texting while driving have been dismissed by the executive board at Patrickstan Industries).

In my extensive spare time, I do the following and intend to share them to you on the line (sorry, online).

These will be a wide array of thoughts that I gather from my regular reading and research about a number of topics. I will share the quote or reflection and indicate the source, the person, and date (when available).

Chart of the Day
This will remain a skill that settles deep in my heart and field of knowledge regarding both statistics, higher education, which are both strongly integrated into the interdisciplinary field of Geography.

Are a chance to express thoughtful study and discernment regarding important issues in a broad spectrum in life. This will include food, music, environment, exploring our planet in wise and meaningful ways, and I'll throw in important oddities like composting, activities that encourage human interaction in more significant ways.

This will be the piece de resistance, for those francophones (note: French Canadians included). I will pull in material from my country as well as from additional sources that I learn, overtime, will be beneficial to those monitoring my activities (be it for friendly purposes, sociological purposes, or due to connections you maintain to the CIA).

If you wish to add your email (include first name please so that my remembering how to do such production of newsletters on the line (ugh, sorry) will work both effectively and include the whole reason for this website: to stay in touch through personal methods. (see "contact or signup", below, for more details).

This is an emerging section of the website that, over time, I'll develop into a version of the semester long "Introduction to Human Geography" I taught while a professor at a local university. My dream and desire is to return to that profession. No pun intended...I think.