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Two Contrails Sit in a Bar

Do you know what a contrail is? I do, but I don't know if anyone thinks about them or wants to get together and have lunch to discuss them in further detail. Most people I k now and talk to want to be on a plane heading somewhere warm and relaxing. That leads them up into the world of contrails. The long, white, fluffy condensation trails pumped out of a jet turbo engine on a commercial passenger airplane.

I heard a lot of words like "contrails" when I was given a neuropsychological test while recovering in a hospital following my traumatic brain injury. Simple words like "accordion", "igloo", "stilts", or "snail" were a challenge when shown on cards with only the picture of them on display. I was shown 50 pictures and I believe I spoke the correct work for close to 40 of them...but contrails wasn't on of those I got correct. It took me more than a year to consider if contrails is an equally important word for people to see in the sky and recognize what they are called.

I think this is an important idea to bring up for a bit more in human life than a neuropsychology test. So much occurs on any given day that a person may need help dealing with it or overcoming the circumstances. Personal stress, finances, diveroce, or just driving to work may be at the top of many people's lists. So does child care issues, fixing dinner, or just taking care of the yard.