Have you ever met Patrick?

I am Patrick. I'm personal, personable, social. I work tirelessly to understand the value of spending meaningful time with people, and the creative, emotional, and spiritual time that's healthy to spend in solitude (I'm rarely, if ever a person that likes to be alone).


The days - figuratively speaking - maybe a week or two after being placed in three hospitals over the course of 51 days (literally speaking) to recover from a "TBI" - traumatic brain injury - I was given a book written by Claudia Osborn titled "Over My Head". It took me days, literally, to read through a single page regardless of whether I understood or connected with the purpose between the book's topic and why I was asked to reading it. After some time, I started to figure out what neurons and neurotransmitters meant, how they worked, and that it is our job in life to always work to improve our thinking through those innermost minions. Learning about such "bridges" probably wasn't exactly when I read this sentence in the book, but if I go back to teaching Geography, that is exactly how I'll introduce myself to the class:


"Do not focus on [my] loss and what might have been, but fully live the life [I] have now
and to carve out new and achievable dreams to fit in.”




Life can change at any moment.
Seek a way to make that change for the good.
Find the proper way to accomplish it.
Expect nothing in return.



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