CZ, defined:

CZ was not my original way to alter the medical term for people like me: seizure. I would hear that term ad infinitum from my "Team Patrick" doctors and decided it was time for a new approach. I first switched to "sea-zee" to make it a bit more representative of spending time relaxing on a beautiful ocean scene, say during a vacation. Yet, it was during a visit to Oregon near a nature trail that I invented a new way to approach life. I changed the medical profession into disarray by naming the neurological wonder of life to being code named "CZ". This flash of genius was derived from the trail's official name - the Crown Zellerback Trail in the heart of Scappoose, Oregon (OR, for us right coasters). The trail is locally nicknamed the "CZ Trail".

The trail is a lightly paved trail along the Multnomah Channel of the Columbia River and extends over 17 miles with beautiful scenery on the verge of the Coast Range in the Pacific Northwest.